Devon (aka Turqmelon)

Software Engineer in United States

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Hi, I'm Devon! (or "Turqmelon"... that works, too.)

I'm a Developer who tinkers with many programming languages.... mostly Java. I like to work on large projects that any normal person would find intimidating... but a challenge is always fun, right?

I'm most well known for being the lead developer of TheNexusMC from September 2013 - January 2016, a major Minecraft server network that owners of the game could connect to and play on.

I created MelonCMS, a community platform made for connecting game servers to a modern social platform. It's sorta proprietary right now, but you can see it in action as The Nexus's site.

Aside from coding, I'm interested in everything related to technology and social media. I run an active Twitter account (@Turqmelon) with over 20,000 followers, share mediocre pictures to my 7,500 Instagram followers (Also Turqmelon there), and once every blue moon, upload videos to my YouTube channel (TheTurqmelon) with over 10,000 subscribers. When I'm not ranting to the public about whatever is on my mind, I also power the social media presence of several other companies and startups.

I love traveling to conventions around the world to meet my co-workers, friends, and those that look up to me. It's really humbling!

I'm always looking for a new project to tackle, and love to learn something new along the way, so if you feel like I'd be a good fit for your team, feel free to reach out with that big green button above! :)

That's about it! Thanks for visiting!